#DaruratBanjir and the rise of MUDA in the eyes of Malaysians

Photo by Parti MUDA

I could recall the words delivered by our president, YB Syed Saddiq as soon as the result of the court hearing on December 14 (Tuesday) was announced. The president said, “this is not the end to our journey but this is just the beginning; let us work harder than ever to serve Malaysians of all walks of life, regardless of their political leaning, race, skin colour nor belief”. Although it was a celebration to many members of MUDA, who had been part of the party’s struggle prior to the hearing, yet we look to the future to serve Malaysians better. However, little did we know that our time to serve on bigger capacity would come and who would expect it to happen immediately when #DaruratBanjir devastated various parts of Peninsular Malaysia.

Those who were affected were our close friends, family members, neighbours, and even pets! Messages were flocking in, emotions fluctuated, and definitely, sleepless nights were spent thinking about their conditions and their whereabouts. Some were stuck on their way home. Traffic jams were everywhere but even worse, properties were destroyed and lives were taken. We waited for the government to issue a national search-and-rescue and to send reinforcements to help the victims but to no avail that military camps had to defy their chain of command to extend helping hands.

On our side, upon finding out locations affected by the flood, we began to mobilise the grassroot members. We made use of social media presence to rally people to help out, asked for donations and we attracted and gathered non-MUDA members to serve the victims. Some of us took emergency leave and non-paid leave from our work, used our annual leave, and even spent nights to evacuate victims, coordinate volunteers and members, distribute contributions, and give updates on the victims and our whereabouts.

Within a couple of days, we managed to raise more than RM1 million, recruited up to 8000 volunteers, we evacuated many lives (including pets) and we had an overloaded supply of donations at MUDA Wilayah Persekutuan HQ in Sungai Besi. Our efforts attracted the attention of various groups and individuals. Our efforts to serve are now trending all over social media. We gained the confidence of Malaysia upon young people in politics and social action. This shows how much trust Malaysians have on young people in politics and social action. The name MUDA, often associated with the youth, will always be remembered for our zeal to do the best for our country. I am reminded of the words of Soekarno who once said, “send me 10 young people and I will shake the world” – MUDA silenced the voices of the naysayers and doubters and proved that with young people taking up the leadership mantle, Malaysia can change for the better!

As for me, on Sunday, I rushed off from a church service and geared myself up with cleaning utensils and a huge bag of food (for donation) to join the members of my constituency and the rest of MUDA Wilayah Persekutuan members to help out with cleaning residentials and donation distribution in Lorong Tiong Nam. Although I bruised my lower back, it was worth the pain as I recall the smiles of gratitude of the people we served. In Setiawangsa constituency, we received many enquiries on volunteering and donations – even on what it takes to join MUDA!

However, this is not the end of MUDA’s work for the people. As the party seeks to be registered in a few days time, we are reminded that this is just the beginning of our relentless service for the people. We would not stop “turun padang” (get on the ground) to serve the people. We will do more for the people, not because we seek to win elections and conquer Putrajaya but for our beloved home, Malaysia!

Note: This article was featured in The Malaysian Discourse (December 2021 edition) – MUDA’s official newsletter