Jesus in Sri Lanka’s economic turmoil

Photo by Eugene Dorosh on

Sri Lanka declares bankruptcy. The news is all over the world. Once an economically-stable nation has crumbled due to many uncertainties of the world.

Sri Lanka, plagued by global events such as the pandemic, economic downturns and inflations, to internal political issues such as civil war and terrorism, were known to many economists as “one of the thriftiest nations on Earth”.

Tea lovers be like, “There goes our favorite Ceylon Tea and good Ceylonese meals“. Unfortunately, when bankruptcy arose and affected even a thrifty nation, every lives are at stake thinking of their own future and what it entails to their heart and soul.

Reading such news can make us think of means to elevate our own economics apart from having a full-time job out of fear and anxiety but as (almost) every pious Christians would say, “we couldn’t be so sure of our own stability. One day, we’ll be rocked to the core and start pointing fingers at the loving God but He who bring us through it will comfort us through it”.

People with full-time jobs and other means of income could fall apart one day. Could it be out of a sheer mistake of not moving into passive incomes? Could it be out of a sheer mistake of not investing in unit trusts/trust funds? Maybe but the truth is, everything under the heavens can be revoked from us one day by any given means and that is the moment we’ll be stretched to our own core. Thus, turning every life choices as matters of life and death.

Who is at fault? Everyone for their sin. We all play our part in the downfall of Sri Lanka. However, that is not the point. The point is, God had planned it all to happen.  God had allowed the impending trial of Sri Lanka for a reason. Similarly, a biblical character, Job endured the same.

Job, a rich man who is devoted to God had a 360 degree conundrum when he lost everything and was left to literally nothing. Job had a moment of blaming God (to which, God permitted it) and his friends came to him to provide him counsel. The counsels were useless and God spoke to Job of His greatness, majesty and power above the possessions that Job once owned.

The story of Job in the Bible tells us three things: –

  1. Sovereignty of God in provision and retention.
  2. Depravity of humans seeking the temporal above the eternal.
  3. God’s sovereign plan in revealing His glory and honor.

An old Pentecostal lady once told me that Job endured trials because he was fearful. Unfortunately, there is no indication in the Scripture to suggest so. The story of Job tells us that first, every plan comes from the hand of the Most High and second, God’s plans are unconditional. The worst suffering happens to the most blameless of all people. Ultimately, we know that Jesus, the sinless and perfect Savior of humanity endured many sufferings and trials. Why did He? The simplest answer is for people to know that in the hands of the Almighty, no one is abandoned nor forsaken that we can simply call Him and out of faith, those who see Him will be saved.

I must admit that at such a time as these, with economic inflations, corrupted leaderships, scams, pyramid schemes, and uncertainties in global economics would spark a dose of fear even for myself. At times, I wonder if I am able to survive and thrive in the future. However, knowing that God empathizes with humanity through good and bad, there is nothing to fear. Jesus, the Wounded Healer is stretching His hands to take us with Him. We will not be shaken nor abandoned in times of hardship and despair. Call unto Him today!

Ez Jalin