Has Christianity become a religion for the rich and powerful?

Dissecting Christianity today for aspiring believers.

The biggest answer to it is…NO!

However, as much as Christianity values equity and lovingkindness, the believers are extremely far from it and they are aware of it. It seems with the glorification of public figures, successful people and the cliques that developed within the Church, it is somewhat showing such colors. Let alone, the religious bonkers we see on the media boasting wealth and smacking judgments – and not to forget the regalias worn by the priests. The question now is, are they willing to do something about it? Some would take action and some would sit back and be quiet and some, on the other hand, would speak but without action. The quest to progression isn’t every believer’s cup of tea as how golf and polo aren’t meant for everyone.

However, this particular group that understand Christianity isn’t their cup of tea is growing and destroying Christianity. While Jesus seeks to replenish humanity through spiritual growth and producing fruit that follows (which makes Christianity beautiful), this group has become extremely powerful, hiding under a thick skin and perverting every bits of the faith from the pulpit to the pew. Through Christianity, the rich and powerful justify Christianity to suit their hedonism. Hence, the greatest production of corruption and elitism of our society today (though religion makes a man good) comes from religious communities.

So, be ready to be disappointed at the first 2 years of attending a church. Be ready to listen to empty speeches and sermons that claim to fight for the needy and powerless. Be ready to witness pretentious sights of church-goers who claims to speak for equality and be ready to witness the rampant moral and social corruption within the walls of the church. If you’re a new Christian, here is a word of advice: Be cynical of Christians but be excited for the Gospel.

Hence, to no surprise, with humongous amount of cash spent lavishly over big productions, castle-like buildings, programmes that only create a psychosomatic effect, and the leaders’ materialism, Christianity is deemed as a religion for the socialites and only the elites are able to live such way of life. Let alone, the intentional moral failings of every Christians – enough to make Jesus extremely upset.

So, has Christianity become exclusive for the rich and powerful? For me, I would still have hope because I’ve met few who are genuinely fighting for the values of Christ to shine in our society today and striving to make a man good and a good man better. However, this goes a long way. Christians must understand that their belief teaches that they are equivalent to building the Temple of Solomon, one ashlar at a time. If they constantly indulge in their hedonistic pursuit, the Temple will never be a superstructure as it should be but a building that will be tossed by the wind.

Ez Jalin