No Gospel, No (Good) Theology
The dangers of theology without the Gospel.

Ministry is Tough, So is Life
The truth about full-time ministry.

Love People, Find Hope
Finding hope in our broken world by loving and caring for people.

#DaruratBanjir and the rise of MUDA in the eyes of Malaysians
A reflection on the rise of Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA), much thanks to #DaruratBanjir.

Jesus in Sri Lanka’s economic turmoil
Seeing the mercy of God in Sri Lanka.

Bless those who persecute you
Showing goodwill to the warlords and violent regimes.

Forge a friendship with Death
Choosing to make Death our friend blesses us.

Let your children go free!
What if it’s better for both sides to be apart?

Has Christianity become a religion for the rich and powerful?